Porsche 944S 2.5 Liter 16V Piston Kit 1987 - 1988, K9531


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Bore Size:
100 mm, 100.50 mm, 101 mm
78.9 mm
2478 ccm
Wossner Comp. Ratio:
OE Comp. Ratio:
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Porsche 944S  2.5 Liter 16V Piston Kit  1987 - 1988


Porsches first 16V 4 cylinder front engine car was the 944 S.  Porsche listed the 944S at 10.9:1 CR . In our experience building race engines for these cars, we have usually see the actual compression of these engines more near the 10.5:1 range. So when we worked with Wossner to design these pistons , we decreased the dish volume of the piston to help get the engine CR up the target of 11.4:1 . As the 944 engine blocks were made out of Alusil, special consideration had to be given to a skirt coating which would hold up to the special requirements particular to Alusil. All factory 944 piston skirts had a Ferrostan coating which applied a very thin protection layer to the skirts of the pistons, but this process was banned years ago due to environmental concerns. So Wossner works with Dow Corning which produces a coating designed specifically for the special requirements of an AL piston running in Alusil blocks however the coating does not exclude other lining materials. A block that has been repaired with a cast iron liner or one that has been Nikasiled can also run these pistons. Likewise , the ring pack that is provided can run on any of these surfaces.